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Members of the Band, aka "Musicians"
Rodger Faherty (Executive Producer)
Rodger is the "Father" of the band; he founded the group in the Fall of 2008. How he accomplished this feat is one of his best-kept secrets.
Bill Podrazik (Business Manager)
Pod retired from management in the railroad industry and now uses his experience to keep the business of these high-ballers on the right track.
Steve Fruin (Treasurer)
Steve's distinctive sound is attributed to the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches he eats during performances.
Byron Redding (Historian)
Byron, a former Marine Band trumpeter, entertained his fellow Marines with colorful stories without consideration to their rank. Now we brave HIS rank.
Lew Roht
Lew is a retired physician and pro-"cures" our music arrangements. Not only that, he is an accomplished saxophonist, which of course, means he plays the clarinet for us.
Jerry Uppman
Jerry stays on top of his plucking & strumming skills by practicing "Dueling Banjos" in front of a mirror.
Shermie Wiehe
Shermie, a retired Electronics Field Engineer, worked many years with sophisticated equipment on the Marshall Islands. On a trip to Hawaii he discovered an unoccupied piano at a Shakey's Pizza which he skillfully played for grins. Leaving the South Pacific he continued to track electrons and "tickle the ivories" around the world with stops at the "Old Timer Irish Pub" near Boston, "The Broadmoor" in Colorado Springs, and lately the "Camelot Ballroom" here in OP, KS. Now, a member of our group he excels at what he learned to do best ... play for grins!
Jim Cochran (Alternate)
Since hanging around with our group, Jim, an ex-music educator, now thinks dealing with 100 adolescents in a marching band wasn't so bad.
Will Conner (Music Director)
Will invented the practice mute when his neighbor crammed an empty oil can into his trumpet while rehearsing.
Tom Reed (Librarian)
Tom patterns his Librarian expertise after his dental practice. He says getting the band to keep music in good order is no different than "pulling teeth."
Nick Golden (Social Director)
Nick set the record for loudest Dixieland drum solo last summer when he inadvertently set up on a hill of fire ants.
Joel Brende
Although Joel plays the trombone, he still finds time to be a psychiatrist!
Tom Nolte
Tom credits his father, an acclaimed saxophonist, composer and band leader, for teaching him well; but his mother deserves most of the credit for making him practice.
John Sankey
John is a West Point grad, a Civil Engineer, an Architect and a Trombonist; wonders never cease!
Jim Harris (Alternate)
Jim has played trombone in dance, R&B, rock groups and concert bands, but took 25 years off to run his own business. He wanted to feed his family! _________________________
Gary Onstad(Alternate)
Gary can play the tenor sax quite well as he can the clarinet. He can also read our charts which is truly a plus with our group.