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Members of the Band, aka "Musicians"
Rodger Faherty (Executive Producer)
Rodger is the "Father" of the band; he founded the group in the Fall of 2008. How he accomplished this feat is one of his best-kept secrets.
Bill Podrazik (Business Manager)
Pod retired from corporate management in the railroad industry and now uses this experience to keep the business of these high-ballers on the right track.
Steve Fruin (Treasurer)
Steve is retired from the railroad industry's management team. Early in his career he was a locomotive engineer. When asked about his experience with driving a train he said making it go is no big deal, but getting it to stop is a major challenge. Kinda like a Dixieland Band.
Byron Redding (Historian)
Byron, a former Marine Band trumpeter, entertained his fellow Marines with colorful stories without consideration to their rank. Now we brave HIS rank.
Lew Roht
Lew is a retired physician and pro-"cures" our music arrangements. Not only that, he is an accomplished saxophonist, which of course, means he plays the clarinet for us.
Jerry Uppman
Jerry has an avid interest in "Ragtime" and "Dixieland" music. He is a first-rate historian about the century-old genres. As such, Jerry regularly offers audiences tidbits about tunes, composers and performers during gigs. He is quite good at making these presentations; being a retiree from the broadcasting industry certainly shows.
Ron Stockton
Ron is the newest member of the band. As an electronics engineer during the day, he works to ensure circuit boards function properly. After hours, he skillfully ensures the piano keyboard functions properly.
Jim Cochran (Alternate)
Since hanging around with our group, Jim, an ex-music educator, now thinks dealing with 100 adolescents in a marching band wasn't so bad.
Will Conner (Music Director)
Will leads the band's rehearsals and applies his knowledge, skills and abilities to achieve terrific music from a eclectic collection of musicians. It is important to note the while in college, Will not only studied music, he also studied math. This gave him the proficiency, as the band's leader, to effectively count off: "1-2-3-4."
Tom Reed (Librarian)
A retired Dentist, Tom patterns his Librarian expertise after his dental practice. He says getting the band to keep the printed music in good order is no different than "pulling teeth."
Nick Golden
Nick, a retired entrepreneur, owned and operated a home decorating business where a homeowner could acquire paint, wallpaper, brushes, polite instructions, and creative advice. As an accomplished drummer, it is obvious that he discovered a practical use for stir sticks and empty paint cans in the back room.
Joel Brende
Joel, a retired psychiatrist, is still trying to analyze why he plays the trombone! Apparently a Freudian slip has something to do with a trombone glissando.
Tom Nolte
Tom, a business equipment technician, finds him during the day tending to the often hostile temperaments of office personnel frustrated with malfunctioning copy machines. Apparently a valid reason for him to relish the peaceful relief of a tenor sax. Tom credits his father, an acclaimed saxophonist, composer and band leader, for teaching him well; but his mother deserves most of the credit for making him practice.
John Sankey
John is a West Point grad, a Civil Engineer, an Architect and a fine Trombonist; wonders never cease!
Jim Harris (Alternate)
Jim has played trombone in dance, R&B, rock groups and concert bands, but took 25 years off to run his own business. Now retired, we're glad he can play with us on occasion.
Gary Onstad(Alternate)
Gary can play the tenor sax quite well as he can the clarinet. He can also read our charts which is truly a plus with our group.